European roads are much narrower than the ones we see in the US. This may be an explanation for what happened with this Tesla Model 3 Performance owner. Identified as “Jane Austen” and with only one video on her YouTube channel, she shows us a crash that would not have happened if she was in full control of her car. But was it Autopilot’s fault?

Gallery: Apparently, UK Roads Are Not Friendly To Autopilot - Check This Crash

The video owner says Autopilotoffered to drive and that it had the latest version of the firmware (2019.40.50.1). It was behaving differently, but she assumes she should have been more focused.

The most intriguing part of the video description was the treatment change she had when she mentioned Autopilot. While the driver was apparently only looking for an explanation on why didn’t the car make more room and slow down, as it used to do, the Tesla Service Center crew member was just interested in telling it was her fault anyway.

Apparently, UK Roads Are Not Friendly To Autopilot - Check This Crash

Have a look at the video and especially in the description below. What do you think of the Tesla Service Center’s reaction? Will Autopilot improve with more Teslas in European roads? Share your comments about that with us.

Video Description Via Jane Austen On YouTube:

Top available spec. Model 3 (Performance) - Firmware 2019.40.50.1 (Mid December 2019)

I had the latest version of firmware at the time and as always the car was exhibiting slightly different autopilot behaviour from the prior version. Autopilot had offered to drive and was fully engaged (I should say that I have also paid for the full self driving package that was promised last year). In this clip I assumed it'd do what it usually does (and make enough room, or slow) and that the cameras, radar and ultra-sonic sensors would surely prevent an actual collision anyway. Turns out not so. By the time I reacted (when the car swerves) it had already happened - yes I should have been more focused but after a while you get used to it working - moral of that story is not to get too reliant on it.

I called Tesla recovery who verified that the car was safe and gave me some of the readouts that they had to confirm what they could see. They could see that all the cameras were clear that morning and the car was not logging any faults. They assured me they could download the data if necessary and instructed me to take it to the nearest Tesla service centre within 5 days to get full logs extracted before doing anything else, so that the data isn't wiped. 

So I got to the service centre, but the moment I mentioned the words autopilot and collision all sympathy vanished and she was itching to get me to f*** off. I asked about data, she said they'd have already taken what they wanted and that there was no such thing as a 'full-download'. I asked if they'd look into it and she said probably not because I was driving inappropriately anyway and was entirely at fault so no point asking. 

No explanation as to why the car offers to drive on an 'inappropriate' road in the first place. She also didn't ask if I was OK, or if she could help sort things out, but just looked away and waited for me to leave. Nice when you just spent 50k. This was Dartford Tesla by the way. 

(BTW I did give the owner of the other car my details - so not a hit and run!).

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