Tesla vehicles now come standard with Autopilot. Even the automaker's entry-level Model 3 Standard Range Plus gets the tech. Moreover, all Tesla vehicles undergo regular over-the-air software updates, which continuously improve the semi-autonomous system.

Other automakers like BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo have been producing semi-autonomous driver-assist systems for years. They don't get the level of attention that Tesla Autopilot receives, however. In the recent past, the systems were typically only available on expensive luxury cars as a pricey upgrade, though it's important to note that this is changing more rapidly now. Some level of driver-assist can be found on many vehicles today, and they're not all luxury rides.

A recent YouTube video by Ash Davies on Cars compares Tesla's basic Autopilot (none of the features of the optional Full Self-Driving suite) to the BMW M850i Gran Coupe's optional Driver Assistance Professional Package with Extended Traffic Jam Assistant. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus starts at $39,990 and includes Autopilot. The M850i Gran Coupe starts at $108,900 U.S. dollars.

In short, Davies is confident with the Tesla tech. He feels that it drives like a human and he likes the on-screen visualization. However, he can't say the same about BMW's system, since it doesn't offer any visualization on its display. In fact, the tech works more like adaptive cruise control, which is available on many cars today.

Check out the video for all the details. Then, share your experiences with us in the comment section.

Video Description via Ash Davies on Cars on YouTube:

SELF-DRIVING TEST: Tesla Model 3 vs $300,000 BMW M850i Grand Coupe

Tesla's autopilot technology is extraordinary, but what are other manufacturers doing? To find out, I've organised a face-off in self-driving and autopilot technology between the cheapest Tesla Model 3 (the single motor without any autopilot upgrades) and the most expensive BMW money can buy, the M850i Grand Coupe.

The test involves a daily drive on a freeway, in peak hour traffic, to see the autonomous and cruise control capabilities of each car. One car clearly beats the other, but which would you choose?

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