We’re glad that Audi created a concept car just for the animation "Spies In Disguise." It named the electric hypercar the RSQ e-tron. But we are disappointed it has a V10 roar to show how fast it can go. And also that it thinks it is a Tesla, which it does. You’ll have to watch the whole trailer to understand, which is no sacrifice.

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This new animation tells us the story of Lance Sterling, a super-spy. You will know that has Will Smith’s voice just by looking at him – who else could play him with these looks? He gets the help of a scientist called Walter Beckett, played by Tom Holland. 

Gallery: Why Does The Audi RSQ e-tron Concept Thinks It Is A Tesla?

Beckett would be more suited to be in a Harry Potter movie. He prepares a potion, which makes Sterling become the perfect spy: a pigeon. Is there a creature that goes more unnoticed than a pigeon? Unless he is spying on toddlers – who love to make them fly away – that is the perfect disguise.


As for the Audi RSQ e-tron, it is the electric hypercar Will Smith, or else, Lance Sterling drives to accomplish his missions. Besides being superfast, why not also make it super silent, even at high speeds? Or have a futuristic sound, as it would be expected to have?

Why Does The Audi RSQ e-tron Concept Thinks It Is A Tesla?

Audi informs this is the first concept it creates exclusively for an animation. The car has a boost capability, which can be seen in the trailer, as well as its hologram speedometer, but the part that really made us wonder was when Beckett gets to drive it.

Why Does The Audi RSQ e-tron Concept Thinks It Is A Tesla?

Audi speaks of a “fully automatic driving mode.” Not only that: it also manages to slide sideways and runs away from bad guys like a pro. Very capable, right? If you did not have time to watch the trailer, or just is not very much into animation movies, we’ll tell you what it is called: Autopilot. We know that is used to refer to anything that runs itself automatically, but it is so inherently associated with Tesla now that Audi should have come with another name for it. Perhaps Tesla licensed it to Audi, who knows?

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