Marques Brownlee is very popular on YouTube, with almost 10 million subscribers. Not only due to Tesla. He also reviews other technologically-attractive devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. But they are way cheaper than a car. When he decided to put a deposit for a Tesla Cybertruck, we were wondering what his reasons could be. The main one is that he wants to review it. But does that make sense?

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MKBHD, as he is also known, starts by saying that he does not dig pickup trucks. In fact, he does not even need one. And this is what makes his decision even more surprising. Tesla does not have a press fleet to allow journalists to review its cars, as other companies do, but buying one to assess it is something only a few media outlets do, such as Consumer Reports.

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When the video develops, we get to understand his reasons a little better. For MKBHD, the pickup truck is a fascinating piece of technology. It has a disruptive potential far ahead of what a first look could tell, as we have already explained here. Starting for its stressed-skin structure.

Tesla Cybertruck

The review will not be with the entry-level version of the electric pickup truck. Brownlee decided to go for the top specification. In other words, it will be the tri-motor Cybertruck, able to tow 14,000 lb and to run more than 500 mi. This car will cost $69,900, or almost a new Tesla Model 3 of difference to the base version.

Tesla Cybertruck

Being able to decide if you can buy a product to review it or not is not the discussion. As a matter of fact, we think it is excellent that MKBHD can do that. We just wonder if it is effective to do so if you never really needed that sort of product.

Tesla Cybertruck

Even if it is the revolution in car manufacturing that it promises to be, it is in an extreme that makes more sense precisely for vehicles for work, since it can be lighter and more resistant than regular ones. Would that be so evident compared to a regular car, which is already very cheap to produce with the current technology?

If you could buy a Tesla Cybertruck, would you do it just to evaluate it? Watch the video, check MKBHD’s arguments, and get back to our comments section to share what you think about his idea.

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