The e3 sedan is another new all-electric entry-level model introduced in China by BYD this year. In fact, it's highly related to the e2 hatchback (available from September).

So far this year, BYD expanded its lineup by six new plug-ins: Tang BEV, BYD Song MAX PHEV, e1, S2 (an entry-level version of Yuan), e2 and e3.

A quick look at the e3 reveals attractive design, totally in-line with the current design language of the brand, gradually applied to almost all models.

The e3 comes with two battery options (35.2 kWh and 47.3 kWh) and a single electric motor version (70 kW), which is all the same as in the case of e2. NEDC range of up to 405 km (252 miles) in top version totally fits within stricter requirements for incentives (although those were halved in June).

During the first month, sales amounted to 336, compared to 2,151 e2 (2,078 in the debut month of September).

BYD e3 specs:

  • 35.2 kWh battery version: range of up to 305 km (190 miles) NEDC
  • 47.3 kWh battery version: range of up to 405 km (252 miles) NEDC
  • 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 3.9 seconds
  • electric motor: 70 kW and 180 Nm
  • AC normal charging in 1.5 h (35.2 kWh pack) and 1.6 h (47.3 kWh pack)
  • DC fast charging from 30 to 80% in 30 minutes

Gallery: BYD e3

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