We just saw Ford unveil a wicked 900-horsepower all-electric Mustang at the 2019 SEMA Show, and we’re on the cusp of seeing the company’s new Mustang-inspired electric crossover which breaks cover in a couple of weeks. As such, electrified Mustangs are certainly on the brain right now, and a supremely talented designer named Adan Lopez created a full-on future pony from scratch called the GTE.

Not only is this car completely imagined inside and out in a series of renderings that Lopez graciously shared with us, there’s also a video at The Adan Channel on YouTube that circles in and around the car. The design clearly draws on the current generation, specifically with the headlights, sloping roof, and a front fascia that alludes to the Mustang’s present-day grille. The shallow hood reflects the lack of a thumping V8, and the top of the fascia forming a front spoiler is a rather interesting idea. The flared fender arches are certainly unexpected but it serves to create a very distinct design that fits well with the rest of the car. The only things missing are the Mustang’s iconic three-bar taillights at the rear.

Gallery: Electric Ford Mustang Fan Renderings

Image credit: Adan Lopez

There’s a similar theme of familiar-yet-different inside. The steering wheel and instrument cluster are recognizable as a Mustang, though nearly all vehicle functions are relegated to touch screens. We say nearly all because window switches are visible on the doors, headlight controls are left of the steering wheel, and a rotary dial is prominently positioned in the center console to select forward, reverse, neutral, or park. Don’t lament the lack of a manual, however – there’s an M button on that dial and if you look at the steering wheel, there are paddle shifters.

Overall, we rather like this flight-of-fancy, and we’re not just saying that because we love seeing Mustang fans get all uppity over an electric-powered pony car. As some readers might be aware, your humble author has owned multiple Mustangs over the years, including a 1995 GT Convertible currently sitting in the garage. Like it or not, the future is electric and it doesn’t have to be boring. This creation blends familiar Mustang cues with a satisfying combination of edges and curves, and it even offers driver involvement with paddle shifters.

If this is Mustang’s future, at least one Mustang enthusiast is not afraid of the apocalypse.

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