That is what Teslaraj did to promote a new brand of mats.

We try to avoid talking about videos that are purely publicity stunts, but we were not able to steer away from this one. The Tesla Raj YouTube channel created it with the explicit purpose of promoting a new brand of floor mats for the Tesla Model 3. What made a difference was the way it managed to do that: by putting 7.5 gallons of water inside the car. Yes, you read that right.

The video presenter starts introducing the product, mentioning it had a very precise and fitting design. Then he puts his floor mats to compare with the new ones, and they have some evident differences in which the new one stands out. It is from that point that the action starts to develop.

The floor mats the presenter has in his car are made of a sort of fabric, which implies they will absorb moisture, water, or melted snow, in cold places. The featured floor mats are made of a hard material that the presenter does not identify. Anyway, it was meant to avoid any sort of water issue.

That is when the presenter decides to prove that with a five-gallon bucket. He fills it with water and starts pouring it at the trunk of the Tesla. All the water ends up over the trunk floor mat, which apparently does not allow any of it to leak.

Then he does the same with the passenger side floor mat, which holds half of the bucket’s content, or about 2.5 gallons of water. Hence the 7.5 gallons of water inside the Model 3.

We know everybody’s got to pay their bills, but would you put water inside your Tesla Model 3 to test a new product? What if it failed? For the presenter’s courage alone, this video is worth watching. And commenting.

Video Description Via Tesla Raj On YouTube:

Watch me risk my car at your expense.  Precise fit and custom molded for a fraction of the price! What did we learn is that these mats work!

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