The car was on Autopilot, but the driver quickly took over to avoid the worst.

Distraction at the wheel is one of the worst things that can happen. Most of the accidents registered by TeslaCam – whether involving the filming Tesla or not – involve some inattention. And the one above could have been very nasty.

YouTube user Twidget2IWO reports he was on his way to “visit family in the hospital” when he realized a tanker truck a little ahead. It seemed to be wandering on the highway. On Autopilot, he kept his eyes on the truck’s movements, especially while passing it.

As he feared, the tanker truck almost clipped his Tesla – we could not identify which model it is. It could have nailed it to a concrete barrier if he had not taken control back.

The well-edited video shows the situation captured by different cameras. One of these takes reveals how close this Tesla was of the concrete barrier. Twidget2IWO says a big drop was beyond the obstacle. In other words, he could have his car destroyed and also fall off a cliff.

Video - Tanker Truck Almost Nails Tesla To A Concrete Barrier

The video is impressive. Not only for the driving skills Twidget2IWO had in avoiding the crash but also because of what happened after that.

Instead of apologizing for what the YouTube user classifies as a “near-death” experience, the truck driver felt on the right to raise his middle finger to the Tesla driver. On his defense, Twidget2IWO started, but we understand that high adrenalin levels probably triggered it.

Now we know the tanker truck driver is not very polite and that he works for Rogers Petroleum, in Morristown, Tennessee. Was he having some problems with the truck? Was he texting while driving? What made the truck driver almost send Twidget2IWO to the hospital? Apart from distraction or tiredness, there does not seem to be any other credible reason for that. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us below.

Video Description Via Twidget2IWO on YouTube:

Traveling south to visit family in the hospital.  Almost became a patient myself. I was nearly clipped by an erratic truck driver from Rogers Petroleum of Morristown, Tennessee.  He didn't seem to care.

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