It's not April Fools

BYD unveiled in Shenzhen, China the world's first 27-meter (88-foot) bi-articulated electric bus, the BYD K12A, which can take up to about 250 passengers.

There is nothing similar to this and BYD happily announced how proud it's to have overcome all the technical issues that arise with such a long, bi-articulated vehicles.

The K12A adopts an all-aluminum body structure to reduce weight and is equipped with two drive axles (600 kW total) for 2WD and 4WD depending on the situation (the four-wheel drive is engaged only when needed as two-wheel drive is more efficient on flat roads). The top speed is 70 km/h (43.5 mph).

Range of the K12A will be around 300 km (186 miles), the but manufacturer didn't disclose the battery capacity. Several hundred of kWh we assume, at least more than 500 kWh. There are also two charging options - AC & DC.

According to BYD, the bus was developed for TransMilenio's BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in Colombia.

Gallery: BYD Introduces K12A 88-Foot, Bi-Articulating Electric Bus

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