How does Tesla all-electric torque match up to legendary Porsche performance prowess?

We've shared plenty (if not an exorbitant amount) of drag races featuring the Tesla Model S P100D. While some regular users continue to assert that they're not fans, these videos are widely popular and work to promote the incredible, and easy-to-initiate torque of any all-electric powertrain. How do you "initiate" it? Well, just stomp on the accelerator pedal and hold on tight. Anything to help open eyes and promote EV adoption.

Yes, battery-electric power is instantaneous and simple. While you have to work to get every detail situated correctly if you want to win a closely-matched race in a gas-powered car, that's not the case with EVs. Even if it's not a Tesla and you have no intention to hit the drag strip or the track, essentially any EV is going to provide you more "on tap" power for daily driving than a comparable ICE car.

We at InsideEVs believe that cars shouldn't be able to go so fast that drivers can make bad choices by ignoring speed limits and running into trees. C'mon, this sort of display of power must be reserved for the track. But, we also realize and support the otherworldly "throttle" response that comes with EV ownership.

Ok, getting off our soapbox here, we leave you with this video. Check it out and see how the Model S P100D fares. Then, shoot us a note in the comment section with your overall opinions.

Video Description via Talking Torque on YouTube:

DRAG RAGE: Tesla Model S P100d vs Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

► Bringing you a Talking Torque Exclusive as we take out the Tesla Model S P100D and see how it stacks up against the all-wheel-drive Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS! The Tesla takes off the line quite well, but the Porsche starts to catch up.. It was a close one! Enjoy! (FYI the Porsche's performance statistics are seriously downplayed).

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