It appears the Tesla Model Y may be unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

According to various informed sources in China, the Tesla Model Y could be revealed to the world as soon as April 16, 2019. A Chinese media outlet first reported the news, which it claims to have gleaned from people "in the know." Of course, we can't be sure that this information is accurate, but it would make perfect sense since Tesla is building a Gigafactory in China and plans to manufacture the Model Y there (for the Chinese market), as well as at its primary Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada (for all other markets).

The report went on to say that the sources learned the Tesla Semi will be "unveiled" in the U.S. prior to the end of this year. However, the semi has already been unveiled. Perhaps there was a translation issue and the parties were suggesting that the all-electric semi will launch by the end of the year? Or, maybe the official production version will debut and Tesla will share more of the missing details? The sources could have actually been referring to the Tesla electric pickup truck.

Finally, the informant shared that Tesla has plans to update or replace its existing lineup in 2020, after the Model Y arrives. Again, strange and likely translated incorrectly, since a "refresh" of sorts makes more sense.

Tesla plans to begin manufacturing the Model Y at its U.S. Gigafactory toward the end of 2020 and ramp up production to some 2,000 vehicles per week shortly thereafter. Later in the same year, the automaker hopes to have a Model Y production line up and running at the upcoming Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai.

CEO Elon Musk has never publicized a date for the Model Y reveal, but he jokingly said on Twitter saying that March 15th sounded good:

Sources: Evzhidao via EVSpecifications

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