Having BMW i3 batteries in a truck or bus can be EPIC

The number of small EV companies that use BMW i3 batteries in products expanded with the inclusion of Motiv Power Systems, which officially announced the integration of the packs in its EPIC chassis.

The EPIC - introduced in 2018 - is used in various commercial vehicles, from trucks to buses. Motiv boasts that the agreement represents a strong vote of confidence by BMW AG. The public debut of the BMW-powered EPIC chassis is planned for 2019 Work Truck Show (March 5 - March 8) at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The deal concerns the latest version of the i3 packs - 42.2 kWh (with 120 Ah lithium-ion cells).

The other BMW i3 customer is Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan, which uses i3's motors and batteries. Karsan already plans a second EV model with BMW batteries.

Jim Castelaz, Motiv's Founder and CEO said:

"When Motiv specs a battery for a chassis, we are looking for factors that matter most to our end users. These include initial cost, reliability over time, and end-of-life replacement costs. With BMW's latest version of its lithium ion packs, commonly found on its all-electric i3 passenger cars, we were able to find a compelling battery solution that checks all those boxes. BMW's lithium-ion batteries are well suited for use in commercial fleet vehicle deployments because they represent millions of miles of real-world globally – meaning they have seen every potential road condition that Motiv-powered vehicles are likely to encounter – and have proven to be both dependable and reliable."

Uwe Breitweg, Head of BMW Group Drive Systems for Industry Clients said:

"Our industrial clients welcome the usability of the ready-made technology that BMW i components provide, as well as their durability. All of this is evident in well over 100,000 BMW i model sales worldwide,".

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