How much time will you spend Supercharging a Tesla Model 3 while road-tripping?

When it comes to EVs, many people's biggest concern is still range and charging time. This is not really much of an issue anymore for many electric vehicles, unless you're using the car for a long road trip. The Tesla Model 3 offers a longer range than most EVs on the market, in addition to being highly efficient. To top it off, the Tesla Supercharger network makes traveling convenient since charging is quick and stations are plentiful and strategically located.

Regardless of the above, if your trip is long enough that it requires multiple charging stops, you will have to plan ahead for the extra time. Once you realize how much money you'll save, among a long list of other perks of EV ownership, you'll likely realize the extra time is worth it. YouTuber Andy Slye sets out on a 990-mile road trip to share how much time it takes him to charge, as well as the total cost involved. He notes that he charged the Model 3 four times and averaged about 25 minutes per stop. Total charging time was one hour and 38 minutes, and the 990-mile journey cost him less than $13.

Video Description via Andy Slye on YouTube:

1,000 Mile Trip in a Tesla Model 3: The TRUTH About Charging

Tesla Model 3 road trip test: How it handles 1,000 miles! This is a test to see how my RWD Long Range Model 3 does on a long road trip. Turns out it's an awesome car for traveling!

4 total Supercharging stops: Brentwood TN (36 mins) +177 miles for $3.70 Athens AL (28 mins) +127 miles for $3.90 Athens AL (20 mins) +70 miles for $2.20 Bowling Green KY (14 mins) +115 miles for $3.08

Total Supercharging Time: 1 hr 38 mins (25 mins average per stop) Total Supercharging Cost for 990 mile trip: $12.88 Avg 249 Wh/mile


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