It's like seven Tesla Powerwalls in one unit.

EVTV (Electric Vehicle Television) offers, in its online store, a wide variety of products. Some, like their flexible 200-watt solar panels, are sourced from other companies, some, like Tesla motors and batteries, are from salvaged vehicles, and then there are a number of items which the outfit pieces together themselves. The Powersafe 100 falls into this category.

What we have here is a large box — a 12-gauge steel Wiegmann NEMA enclosure, to be exact — with shelving that holds 100 kWh worth of Tesla battery modules, along with a charger and inverter.  EVTV principal Jack Rickard, came up with the concept to support his "Selfish Solar" concept. Basically, since power utilities have greatly reduced or eliminated money it pays from home solar energy production, he advocates using all the energy you produce yourself and not going through the trouble of exporting it to your local utility.

Since the sun doesn't shine at night, one needs to store some of the energy produced during the day, and to do that, the most practical way is in a battery. For some, the Tesla Powerwall or similar product might fit the bill. For others, with huge arrays and a large amount of energy consumption, something a little larger is needed. Enter the PowerSafe 100.

The video above walks us through all the details of the system. Although it may lack the polish offered by typical OEM products, it does seem as though they've taken safety concerns into consideration. You can get all the details by watching the first hour of the video above. You can also head over to the EVTV website and read about the system in the blog entry titled "100kWh Tesla Power Wall on Steroids. The PowerSafe 100." Though it has yet to appear in the EVTV Store —  there may be a little development left — the price seems to be $50,000.

From the video description:

We introduce the EVTV PowerSafe100. This is a single box with inverter/charger, 20 Tesla Model S battery Modules in a refrigerator sized device on wheels to store solar energy in an AC-Coupled Solar System. This one device can turn any grid-tied solar system into a SELFISH SOLAR battery power system easily.

Source: YouTube, EVTV

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