Tesla Superchargers are simple to use, but too keep the experience enjoyable for all, users should apply etiquette.

Bjørn Nyland recently released 10 Tesla Supercharger etiquettes - unwritten rules about how to do something right in harmony with the community (other EV drivers).

"I came up with ten supercharger etiquettes that will make life easier for yourself and others who will charge there. Remember that these "rules" are not written down anywhere or set by Tesla. I made this list based on my own experience and what other people are talking about on social media."

Here is the list:

  1. Don't share A/B stalls (if possible). Take number not occupied for full charging speed.
  2. Limit your volume (noise).
  3. Move your car when done.
  4. Avoid taking a nose-in stall (if possible), because those are best for Model X with trailer.
  5. Wait in line and pay attention.
  6. Don't charge to 100%. 90-95% is better to not waste yours and others time.
  7. Don't Supercharge locally (if you can at home). Battery capacity will be affected after a large amount of Supercharging.
  8. Don't litter.
  9. Park properly - see image above to know how to not park.
  10. Be ready to move if you take several stalls with Model X and trailer.

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