EVgo has launched a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices that enables one to initiate a charging session with a single swipe to the right, no access card necessary.

EVgo Mobile App homescreen

ChargePoint also released a similar feature earlier this year, which means that many EV owners will now be able to get rid of some of their charging cards from their wallets.

The EVgo network currently consist 980 DC fast chargers (typically up to 50 kW CHAdeMO and CCS Combo).

While we find this to be a better system, we believe that a 'no membership' option for all charging stations is still in the EV adoption's best interest

The knowledge that one can just stop and swipe a bank card at any public station to get a boost is what we really need, and over time we imagine that will happen; those who don't, won't exist very long if they truly look to make money at the station-level.  Seen any gas stations you need to be a member of to pump gas lately?

"EVgo is committed to making EV driving as easy as possible and is constantly improving customer experience. The new EVgo mobile app simplifies electric vehicle charging by enabling EV drivers to find and navigate to their closest charging station, check charger availability and start a charging session without carrying around an access card. The new swipe to charge feature is incredibly convenient. The app also provides drivers with a quick and easy method for tracking their charging session time.

Highlighted features of the EVgo App include:

  • Card-free charging: initiate a session with a single swipe to the right
  • Robust mapping functionality to find the closest EVgo station (or anywhere)
  • Real-time charger status: track charging time and filter for currently available chargers—Turn-by-turn directions compatible with all leading navigation apps
  • Set an alert for when an in-use charger becomes available
  • Filtering options that enable users to only see chargers compatible with their car
  • A charging timer to remotely monitor charge duration
  • Save favorite charging spots and easily access recently visited stations
  • Easy access to charging and billing history"

Dave Schembri, CEO of EVgo said:

“EV’s are continuing to gain widespread adoption and the sales of EVs are becoming a larger percentage of overall car sales. EVgo is already providing a customer experience that makes EV ownership easy and the addition of new tools, such as the EVgo app, will allow EVgo to deliver the highest quality customer experience to the growing number of EV drivers hitting the road."

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