So, how well does the Tesla Model 3 accommodate a rear-facing baby seat, and can you easily fit a stroller in the car's trunk?

Aside from the fact that this video shows a baby seat in back and a stroller in the trunk, it's really just very satisfying on the eyes. CHRIZ VIDEOGRAPHY obviously puts some time into its work.

Tesla Model 3 with rear-facing baby seat

It's artistic, with crystal-clear video and nice transitions. Additionally, the camera work is slow and calculated, so you really get an opportunity to check out each view, and it doesn't overwhelm the senses.

The premise is simple: Display the Tesla Model 3 in vivid detail in the form of a music video, and hone in some important aspects, including rear-seat space and trunk capacity.

As you can see, with the rear-facing baby seat installed, it fits fine, though it touches the front passenger seatback. In most smaller cars, this is usually the case. There's no question that just about any stroller would fit in the trunk with plenty of room to spare. It appears that even a double stroller would fit with ease.

When purchasing a smaller vehicle, and knowing you'll need to put a baby seat in back, the more important question relates to how much legroom is lost for the person sitting in front of the safety seat. The video shows a significant amount of legroom up front.

Check out the links below to see the exact baby seat and stroller used in the video. This way, you can better compare with your own equipment.

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