More info behind the building of the world's first plug-in hybrid CNG armored truck, that we first heard about roughly two years ago, has come to light.

Specifically, it seems that this past month, the delivery of the first of six planned units to Sectran Security took not a lot of news in between the announcement and wheels-on-the-ground.

The ~20-miles of all-electric range should help to reduce emissions by 90% over diesel, at least according to Efficient Drivetrains.

The main advantage of plug-in armored truck is apparently its capability to be ready for a quick escape ... without the need for an idling engine (sometimes forbidden for more than five minutes).

"Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI), a global leader in advanced high-efficiency zero emissions hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrain solutions announced today that it has delivered the first of six Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Armored vehicles to Sectran Security. The industry-first Class-6 International brand armored truck was the first delivery from the company’s newly expanded Dixon, California hybrid and electric vehicle center of excellence.

The vehicle program is a collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains, and North American Repower-- California’s leading natural gas engine management and conversion technology company. Under a California Energy Commission grant, the companies care working to convert a fleet of six, Class-6 International armored trucks into “Zero Emission with Range Extension” vehicles-- PHEV trucks that operate with electricity and renewable natural gas. The result is a full OEM-performance electric vehicle that utilizes RNG for range extension and reduces emissions by up to 99% in certain duty cycles. The collaboration between the companies is a model program to support the rapid acceleration towards a zero emissions environment.

Currently, Sectran Security trucks make frequent stops as part of their highly congested routes. At each stop, engines are kept idling for security purposes, but now risk violating California’s strict diesel idling regulations, which prohibit idling the engine for more than five minutes. With the modernized trucks, engine idling is eliminated entirely, by operating in all-electric mode during stop-and-go operations, and in hybrid mode using RNG during highway operations. When the full fleet of six is complete, the vehicles will enable Sectran to reduce annual diesel consumption by 31,000+ gallons, significantly reduce annual fuel costs, and reduce emissions by up to 99.9 percent.

News Highlights:

  • Efficient Drivetrains announces the first delivery in a fleet of six PHEV armored trucks to Sectran Security
  • The company’s EDI PowerDrive™ 6000 was integrated into a Class-6 International brand vehicle, and includes vehicle management and telematics capabilities with the integrated EDI PowerSuite™
  • The fleet of armored trucks will be used by Sectran Security in normal, Cash-In Transit routes-demonstrating significant fuel savings and up to 99% emissions reduction over typical diesel powered trucks in their fleet
  • When the full fleet of six is complete, the vehicles will enable Sectran to reduce annual diesel consumption by 31,000+ gallons, significantly reduce annual fuel costs, and reduce emissions by 99.9 percent
  • The EDI PowerDrive™ 6000 has been durability tested over 1.5 million miles in a commercial fleet setting of city buses, and has been deployed across major North American OEMs including International, Freightliner, and Peterbilt platforms
  • The vehicle program is a collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and North American Repower includes funding from the California Energy Commission, which approved a $3 million grant award from its Energy Research and Development Division

Joerg Ferchau, CEO, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. said:

“The technology collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and North American Repower represents tremendous potential as we work to improve air quality and meet industry mandates related to emissions reductions. World’s-first vehicle programs like these play an essential role in helping California meet its aggressive carbon reduction and zero emissions goals. We’re looking forward to completing the full fleet this year.

“With the extension of the EDI PowerDrive™ into the International vehicle platform, the Efficient Drivetrains portfolio of vehicle integration projects represents one of the largest in the industry, spanning all major OEMs in the medium and heavy duty space. The recent expansion of our Dixon, California Vehicle Integration Center of Excellence, has positioned EDI well to continue to deliver on programs like these.”

John Reed, North American Repower Chief Administrative Officer said:

“The combination of the North American Repower Renewable CNG solutions and PHEV technology from EDI represents an ideal combination, allowing complete duty cycle operation without refuel/recharging with extended range, and constant vehicle operation, like in the case of Sectran Security. The unique ability to the EDI PowerDrive in tandem allows elimination of transient IC engine operations dramatically reducing NOx when the CNG engine is in use. With RCNG becoming readily available at Clean Energy Stations, and the expansion of available charging infrastructure, we believe this collaboration will be transformative in our industry.”

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