OK, kids.  We have to admit, we had to take a little rest on the Silly Scooters, considering the veritable deluge of electric scooter silliness hitting the headlines practically daily.  But this is kind of cute.  Right? It's the GenZe 2.0, and the site is here.

What do we have here?  To start, it's hub motor with a pretty slick frame design that looks incredibly light and strong and allows for this huge cargo bin behind the seat.  Want some fun?  Wander over to the Facebook page and take a guess on their regularly scheduled "Count Challenge" (the Halloween version is candy corn) shown here:

GenZe grape Count Challenge

Who doesn't love a scooter-pickup truck?  (Where's the "Beer" Count Challenge, we wonder?)

Here are the complete specs for you:

Performance Top Speed 30 mph (48.3 kph)
Range Minimum of 30 miles (48.3 kilometers) per charge
Driving mode Sport mode (High performance)

Economy mode (Range maximizing) Easy mode (New rider orientation)

Custom mode (User defined)
Acceleration 0 mph to 30 mph < 8 seconds (170 lb rider and 20 lbs cargo)
Battery Battery type Removable Li-Ion battery pack
Battery capacity 1.6 kWh nominal
Voltage 58.8 VDC at max charge and 42 VDC at min charge – 52V nominal
Charge Time Fully charged in 4 hours
Charger Input power 110V AC, 5 amps
Charger output Up to 60 VDC and 500W
Battery life cycle 800 cycles to 80% of initial capacity
Motor Peak Torque (Nm) 100 Nm
Motor Type Brushless permanent magnet hubmotor
Climbing Performance Up to 20% grade (Assuming 15mph for 1.5 mile)Up to 8% grade (Assuming 30mph for .5 miles)
Structural Frame Cast, welded, and powder-coated aluminum exoskeleton
Suspension Telescopic oil damped front fork with internal coil springs, twin oil damped coil over shock rear swing arm suspension
Brakes Single piston hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
Regenerative braking Yes
Tire- Front 100/80-R16
Tire- Rear 130/70-R12
Curb Weight 232 lbs. (105.5 kg.)
Seat Height 29.5 inches (749 mm)
Ground clearance at max load 5.5 inches (139 mm)
Carrying capacity 275 lbs. rider plus cargo (125kg)
Wheelbase 50 inches (1267 mm)
User Interface Instrumentation 7″ inch LED touchscreen monitor connects to the GenZe Cruise-Connect System™ and provides the ability to monitor 100 different data points through a cloud-based system and govern settings from a mobile phone.
Pin code security lock
On-board owners manual
Lighting All All LED lights with 85% lower energy consumption
Auxiliary Power Connections in front and rear for 12v charging
Emissions  Zero
The Beer Count Challenge, InsideEV's style

One of the sweetest features to catch our eye was the ~28lb "Smart Pack" battery that is removable, thus swappable.  You know how we love that idea.

Much was made of the fact that GenZe is the product of Mahindram an India-based "SUV company" looking to break into the US market in stories like this, on the Salt Lake Tribune, but the fact is, Mahindra USA is already hitting the tractor market hard, and has also hit the e-bike market a while ago with the very slick looking GenZe e-Bike.

GenZe e-Bike

Click-baity headline, mashing up India, SUVs and Silly Scooters much?  From the GenZe site's About Us:

GenZe is a part of the Mahindra Group, which has been part of the American landscape for over 25 years. It’s a worldwide leader in aerospace, automotive, utility vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, energy, and more—and at Mahindra, we are not just about excellent products, but we’re about people. We give people all over the world a chance to make their lives better and “the opportunity to rise”.

You can read more on the Salt Lake story about the company, along with some comments from the management, and there's a nice little intro video here...  enjoy!

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