Orange EV seems to be one of the newest player on the EV scene.  Last year, Orange launched its T-Series pure electric terminal truck.

From the outside looks, it reminds us of electric trucks offered previously by Balqon Corporation.

According to the Orange EV's website, trucks can work 10 hours or more on a single charge of its 160 kWh battery pack.

There is no specifications nor a price list, but Orange EV highlights the availability of $150,000 incentives to buy one. $150,000 is probably more than enough to bring the price below that of a diesel terminal truck, but will the industry switch to electric oranges?

"Orange EV announced it is now offering zero-emission electric terminal trucks for on-road use in addition to trucks its produces for off-road use. Operators moving trailers among different facilities and requiring on-road access can enjoy the same reduced-cost, zero emission solution as an off-road yard truck operator.

Go green with Orange EV’s plug-in, zero-emission electric truck. Operators save $150,000 at purchase while also saving from day one on fuel, maintenance and other costs.

The T-Series remains the only terminal truck solution that qualifies for financial incentives through Drive Clean Chicago (DCC). The incentive amounts recently increased to $150,000 per truck, directly reducing price to the end customer. The on-road T-Series is also approved for DCC incentives at the $150,000 level.

Fleet owners can buy an Orange EV electric terminal truck at prices at or below the cost of a new diesel.

Operators know terminal trucks by many names including: hostler, yard truck, mule, spotter, yard horse, yard dog, shifter, buggy and more. Diesel trucks traditionally used to move semi trailers around a yard are dirty, cause cancer and can have difficulties operating in cold weather. Orange EV electric terminal trucks provide power on demand while being better for people, the environment and bottom line financials. Driver’s enjoy low vibration, quiet, and zero emissions. Fleet managers like the reduced maintenance and fuel cost. Both appreciate that removing an older, heavy-use diesel terminal truck is comparable to taking almost 100 passenger vehicles off the road and eliminating 832 tons of CO2, 23 tons of NOx, and 13 tons of CO over a 10 year period.

Orange EV’s electric terminal truck has been tested and proven in a range of fleet operating environments including LTL freight transportation, distribution, manufacturing, and intermodal services. These customer tests showed that an electric terminal truck can reliably do the job of current diesel trucks while delivering far greater environmental and financial value.

Interested customers should call Orange EV at (866) 688-5223 to test drive the truck and request a customized analysis showing cost savings and emission reduction compared to their current fleet."

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