Seeing things taken apart that probably shouldn't be is right up there in our book alongside actually taking things apart ourselves (that probably shouldn't be).  Lucky for us, and anyone else who is dying to know what's inside that magical box called "Tesla Battery Pack" there's a man who goes by "wk057" on the Tesla Motors Club who not only wanted to know, but went about finding out.

Here's his post: Pics/Info: Inside the battery pack, from the Tesla Motors Club owners forum.  Go get yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for a good read before you click that link.

By kind permission of "wk057", we're going to give you just a little tease of what you can see a whole lot more of on his post.  Roll tape:

Removing the top cover
Battery modules
Cell connection detail
Modules being removed, base plate wells visible

There's plenty more on that thread, and lots of interesting discussion and explanation of all the little bits and pieces you're seeing.

A HUGE thanks to wk057 for taking the time to post his hard work and letting us share it!

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