On top of the sales charts in Norway and now leading the EV sales race in Denmark, the Tesla Model S is surely making waves in Europe.

Nissan LEAF #2

Nissan LEAF #2

In Denmark, Model S sales in September (the first full month of sales for the Model S there) checked in at 42 units.

Sounds paltry, right?

Well, it isn't.

The next nearest electric was the Nissan LEAF with 30 sales in September.  Down from there, the Renault Zoe was in third place with 11 sales and the Renault Twizy recorded 1.

On the year, the Nissan LEAF is easily in the lead with 153 sales in the books.  The Model S YTD figure is 43 (1 sold in August).  The Zoe YTD figure is 54 and the Twizy is at 12.

Unlike in Norway, where the Model S was the overall top-selling automobile, the Model S is way behind the sales champ, the Volkswagen Up!, which logged 798 sales in September.

Of note, almost all of the top selling autos in Denmark slot into the subcompact or below econoclass (meaning the top sellers are way cheap and tiny), whereas the Model S is far from cheap and it is extremely large by Danish auto standards.

Hat tip to Anders Skærlund Petersen!!!

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