Quite often weeks (or months) go by without any new developments or press releases from Fisker Automotive.   Not the case today.

Fisker To Deliver First Car In The UK

Kicking off Fisker's UK sales was a charity auction held in Camden’s famous Round House performing arts venue, with proceeds to educate underprivileged children of India.  That was in October of 2011.  Now Fisker aims to shortly deliver the car.

The very first Fisker Karma for sale in the UK ended up being graveled at 140,000 pounds ($224,600 dollars).  The winning bidder’s car (a footballer) will feature a unique plaque signed by CEO and Co-Founder of Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker.

Fisker Enters China 

Two Years After Announcing The Karma Would Be Sold In China, It Will Become A Reality

Starting in the first quarter of next year, Fisker will be selling its Karma in China.

Currently, Fisker sells two out of every three cars in the United States, with the balance of sales spread out over Europe, according to Chief Executive Tony Posawatz.

The company says casting a wider net into places like China and the Middle East is important to Fisker's long term growth strategy.

“We still aren’t in all the markets where we want to be,” said Henrik Fisker, the company founder and executive chairman. “We have just launched in the Middle East, which we see a lot of interest and potential sales there, and then we are going to go into China next year.”

No pricing available yet on Karmas in China (but they won't be cheap).


Fisker Karma Assembly Shuttered, Not Re-Opening Any Time Soon

Henrik Will Have To Go Back To His Other Job For Awhile. Rosendahl Timepiece Salesman

As we mentioned earlier, often long stretches of time go by without hearing a peep from Fisker...but that doesn't mean nothing is happening.

Sometimes it means bad things are happening.

On Wednesday at the LA Auto Show, Fisker laid out a bomb by saying that the factory in Finland, operated by Valmet Automotive, has been shuttered for a month while the A123 bankruptcy plays out in US courts.

No timetable has been set for a resumption of production, as A123's assets are set to be auctioned off on December 6th.  Even after the auction, there is no guarantee of a quick resolution to Fisker's manufacturing woes.

Normally, a month or two shutdown would not be an issue for the slow selling Fisker.  Unfortunately for the company, superstorm Sandy just wiped out practically all of the companies US inventory, as 350 Karmas where burned or drowned in a New Jersey Port.

“Because we have no batteries, there’s no production right now. Inventory is starting to get a little low,” CEO Tony Posawatz said in an interview, without elaborating. “We’d like to restart production as quickly as possible. We should know the outcome of the auction by the middle of December.”


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