Your odds of winning the lottery are inconceivably small. You'd have better luck trying to wrap your head around relativistic physics than grasping how truly unlikely you are to hit the big one. But what if your odds of winning something amazing weren't terrible? 

The Chicago Chesed Fund is holding its 8th annual Tesla Raffle where the grand prize is the Tesla model of your choice (including the Cybertruck!). Only 9,999 raffle tickets will be sold, which means your odds of winning are, relatively speaking, great!

One ticket costs $100, but the price drops the more tickets you buy. And the proceeds from the raffle benefit Chicago Chesed Fund’s 80+ programs and services, including its food pantry, job search assistance, therapeutic services support, government program navigation, fertility treatment funding, and so much more. 

The entry period ends soon on Labor Day, September 5th, at 7:00 PM Central, which means you won't be waiting long to find out if you're the country's newest Tesla owner. Enter now by visiting or call 1-847-679-7799 x108 to buy tickets before it’s too late!

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