Throughout the past several years, Tesla has changed its pricing layout countless times. From removing the Cybertruck's price entirely to lowering the Model Y Dual Motor's base price by $13,000 (then subsequently increasing the price by $2,000), it's fair to be a little cautious when buying a Tesla mainly due to the sheer uncertainty of the next price adjustment. 

That said, how much does the least expensive Tesla cost today? 

What Are My Options?

The Tesla Model 3 is the least expensive vehicle in Tesla's lineup. Offered in RWD or Performance guise and priced at $42,990 and $53,990, respectively, the Model 3 has been setting the industry standard since its 2017 inception. Compared to other Tesla vehicles, the Model 3 offers fewer features, but is the cheapest Tesla worth it?

What's The Model 3 RWD Like?

2023 Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive: $42,990

2021 Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive is currently Tesla's least expensive model for sale. Starting at $42,990, the 2023 Tesla Model 3 RWD packs a serious punch, especially considering its EPA-rated range of 272 miles. Storing the car's energy is a roughly 60-kilowatt-hour battery with a Lithium Iron Phosphate composition. Unlike other Teslas, especially older Model 3 Standard Range Plus trims, Tesla recommends charging to 100% to maintain accurate range estimates.

Besides the batteries, the Model 3 RWD can accelerate to sixty in around six seconds, and it offers plenty of new features over the original Standard Plus. Whether it's the lithium-ion 12V battery, power trunk, or the upgraded interior featuring door panel trim, the Model 3 has become more premium over the years. The main point of contention is the removal of some features, like the ultrasonic sensors and passenger lumbar support. While unfortunate and even inconvenient, these features are easy to overlook in the grand scheme of things.

Moreover, until April 18, 2023, the Tesla Model 3 will qualify for the full $7,500 credit. While not everyone will qualify for the credit, it can make a significant dent in the car's overall price.

  • Range: 272 miles
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.8 seconds

Plans For The Future 

There's another Tesla in talks: The "$25,000" city car. Very little is known about it aside from an image released for a Gigafactory Shanghai event. Time will tell if it'll achieve its relatively low price point, but too little is currently known to predict its future. 

202X Tesla hatchback: roughly $25,000

Will The First Chinese-Styled Tesla Be a Hatchback?

This upcoming Tesla vehicle is rumored to take the form of a compact hatchback, likely with four doors. It appears to directly take on the Chevrolet Bolt and a variety of European hatchbacks like the ID.3. Since it's a Tesla, expect a rear motor setup and enough horsepower to get it to sixty in around six seconds or so.   

  • Range: 250+ miles
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Acceleration: 0-60 in <6.0 seconds 

As for now, the 2023 Tesla Model 3 RWD is Tesla's least expensive vehicle available. At $42,990 and the qualification for the federal tax credit, the Model 3 is able to undercut many of its competitors. Do you think the Model 3 RWD is worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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