As electric startup automaker Rivian continues to deliver its first all-electric pickup truck – the R1T – we'll likely begin to see an influx of new videos about the truck. We can look forward to experienced YouTube influencers and various media outlets putting together lengthy, detailed, and highly produced content about the exciting new truck.

That said, this video really shows you just about everything you need to know. It's just under five minutes long and appears to be shot on a smartphone. Of course, it's not fancy or of the highest quality, but it gets the job done. It actually reminds us of how a video might look if we shot a quick take to send to a friend.

The video was shot by a Rivian employee who goes by the name of Ahmad Baitalmal on YouTube. He says it's actually his first time driving an R1T, and he's sharing it for the first time with his family and friends.

While the highly produced vehicle review videos typically offer plenty of eye candy and often have very detailed and organized coverage, this video approaches the R1T as any newbie might approach any new car, truck, or SUV. How do you unlock it, what are the first features that get your attention, how do you open the tailgate, the tonneau cover, the unique gear tunnel, the frunk, and the charging port?

As you'll see, the R1T has a sweet "bat signal" that projects on the ground when you unlock the doors. Once this Rivian employee steps inside, he talks a bit about buttons, knobs, and infotainment features. He takes it for a ride, lets others drive it, and asks about the truck's seat comfort, etc. The R1T accelerates very quickly, and it's exceptionally smooth and quiet.

Check out the video for a helpful glimpse at the Rivian R1T. Then, leave us your takeaways in the comment section below.

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