Automotive News is enamored with the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck, R1S three-row electric SUV, and Rivian/Amazon electric delivery van, and the publication isn't alone. In fact, it seems most people and media outlets are quite shocked at just how well Rivian pulled of the first electric truck in the US.

While many people may have had their doubts about Rivian, especially due to the fate of most EV startups, it seems the company took its time to get things right. Not only did Rivian beat all rivals to market, despite delays, but it also "raised the bar" for competitors, according to Automotive News.

It's not easy to launch any new vehicle, and it's arguably harder when it's a vehicle on a brand-new platform, with a futuristic powertrain. Added to the fact that Rivian is a startup automaker, the odds start to look almost impossible. However, Rivian is launching three new vehicles in "close succession," which is an incredible feat, especially if the company is successful in pulling it all off. Fortunately, it has already proven it has a very solid start.

Automotive News points out that Rivian had to write proprietary software on its own, and perform the work in-house, which was comprised of developing electronics and technology, along with writing tens of millions of lines of code. The publication writes:

"This is the automotive equivalent of a moonshot. Yet Rivian, born in Florida within earshot of where Apollo rockets launched for the moon, just may pull it off."

Automotive News was fortunate to check out the Rivian Amazon van, and also drive the R1T around the Detroit area for about 45 minutes. The media outlet shared:

"Here's what I can tell you: Rivian has set the bar high for all competitors. The R1T I drove, and another one I examined, stand tire-to-tire with any truck from Detroit or elsewhere when it comes to quality of materials, fit and finish, thoughtful features and attention to detail."

Highlights from Automotive News' time with the R1T include the following:

  • No wind or suspension noise
  • No rattles or squeaks
  • Incredible refinement
  • Sports-car-like handling
  • Extremely brisk acceleration
  • Solid regen for one-pedal driving
  • Handsome and comfortable bucket seats
  • Intuitive technology
  • A long list of surprising "thoughtful touches"

Automotive News admits that people weren't happy about Rivian's delays. However, they seem to have paid off. The publication says Rivian likely won't be plagued by early quality issues like that of the Tesla Model 3.

Follow the source link below for more details. Then, leave us your takeaways in the comment section below. Is Rivian a true success, or will we need to wait to make that statement?

We were fortunate to check out and drive the R1T as well. Watch our video below:

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