If you needed a video that points out all the differences between the new Ford Mustang Mach-E GT and lesser models, as well as the differences between the very latest examples and earlier ones, then check out this new upload by Alex on Autos. He has a newer GT and an older non-GT side by side and compares the two, noting all the differences.

The Mustang Mach-E GT is the very latest model to be added to the lineup and it’s also the quickest and sportiest one. In its most potent guise, it can sprint to sixty in 3.5 seconds and thanks to magnetic shock absorbers that can be stiffened or slackened, it has even more breadth of capability - it’s also more comfortable with the adjustable dampers in their soft setting.

And the GT also changes several important things on the exterior. Probably the biggest change on the outside has to be body color painted fenders. On other versions, they are finished in black, but on the GT they match the body and just give the vehicle a sportier, less crossover-like feel. The unique wheels fitted to the GT also help it achieve that look.

Inside, the biggest change have to be the seats. The GT gets the same seats as regular models, but with an extra piece added that is meant to hold your shoulders in place during hard cornering maneuvers. Those who have tested the vehicle quickly on twisty roads say this addition to the seat makes a big difference, even though it looks unusual and it’s not a solution we’ve seen other manufacturers adopt.

There are also several changes made to the vehicle since it was launched, but check out Alex’s video to learn what they are.

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