One of the most complete EVs on sale, the Tesla Model Y is a well-packaged blend of practicality, performance and technology that doesn’t cost a fortune to buy or run. It’s no surprise then that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has predicted the Model Y will ‘likely’ be the world’s best-selling car in 2022. 

But what’s the Y like to own for an extended period? Well, after almost a year of ownership and 12,000 miles driven, Tall Tesla Guy gave his take on the all-electric crossover - running through all the positives and negatives he has encountered. 

One of the main positives Tall Tesla Guy outlined was the Y’s range. He has a Long Range Model Y, and in a recent range test, he managed 277 miles on a single charge. He noted the Y’s range is similar to his ICE Jeep Wrangler, yet obviously costs sufficiently less to run. 

Tall Tesla Guy went into pricing further, stating his Y costs only $30 a month to charge up versus the $120 or so he spends on fuel every month for each of his ICE vehicles. Equally, maintenance costs are incredibly low – he only outlined windshield washer fluid as the main expense in his first year of ownership.

Although he admitted his Y had issues with regard to road-noise, paint and panel gaps, he also noted his Volkswagen Passat and Jeep Wrangler suffer from similar issues in those areas. Overall, Tall Tesla Guy appears to be satisfied with the Model Y’s build quality even if it isn’t entirely perfect. 

In terms of space and comfort, Tall Tesla Guy was super happy with the Y. He noted it was great for taller drivers and passengers, with an airy interior featuring plenty of legroom. 

Finally, the Y’s storage space was also very impressive. The Model Y’s 68 cubic feet of total storage is better than that of the Mach-E (59 cu feet) and ID.4 (64.2 cu feet). Tall Tesla Guy noted it was more than big enough for his active lifestyle and large Golden Retriever dog.  

Overall Tall Tesla Guy was more than pleased with his Model Y after owning it for almost a year. He said he would buy one again, and found it to be the ideal vehicle for him and his family.

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