Does Mercedes' new flagship EQS – essentially a fully electric version of the iconic S-Class – have what it takes to convert Tesla Model S fans and owners? Perhaps we should ask Jay Leno ...

As you're almost certainly aware, retired talk show host Jay Leno is a car lover through and through. In fact, he's well-known across the globe as a car collector. Leno has a garage, most likely several garages, packed with classic cars, unique cars, electric cars, and really just about any type of car you can imagine.

With that said, it's also widely known that Leno is a huge Tesla fan and supporter. He's owned multiple Tesla vehicles over the years, but what's most important, especially related to this video, is that Leno is officially the proud owner of a brand-new Tesla Model S Plaid.

Who better than a car lover (gas and electric), a Tesla owner, and more specifically, a Plaid owner to check out and test drive the upcoming competition and provide us with his thoughts? 

Leno spent a whole week getting himself acquainted with the Mercedes EQS. He provides valuable insight, and while this isn't a full-fledged, in-depth review, there's a lot to take in.

According to Leno, he was really impressed with the EQS as a whole. He makes plenty of positive comments about the EQS' performance, comfort, and usability. In fact, he goes on about just how easy the car is to drive, as well as how straightforward the tech is. For those unfamiliar, the EQS sports a massive 56-inch Hyperscreen.

At any rate, we'll leave you to decide what you think of the EGS based on Leno's review. Once you've watched, drop us a line in the comment section below.

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