One of our absolute favorite video hosts, Rory Reid, provides a detailed review of the all-new Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover for the AutoTrader YouTube channel. He calls the new electric SUV a very important product for Volkswagen since it's the automaker's first global electric car.

The ID.4 has received plenty of positive reviews thus far. In fact, it was named the 2021 World Car Of The Year, despite the fact that it's not yet available in many countries, or at least just coming to market, and its software has caused concern since prior to its launch.

To be clear, the ID.4 is not a super-expensive, high-performance electric crossover. Instead, it's more like a "normal" SUV without a gas engine. With that said, its interior is quite modern, and some would say almost futuristic. It certainly borders on luxury, which seems to be key with many EVs these days.

The ID.4 also offers two spacious rows of seats, lots of room for cargo, well-balanced driving dynamics, and smooth, eager acceleration. Rory believes it has just about everything the typical family is looking for in a two-row SUV. Moreover, it's well-priced, especially for folks in the US who can take advantage of the full $7,500 federal EV tax credit.

Reid admits, the ID.4 isn't perfect, but neither is any car. He isn't happy with the car's cabin technology. The infotainment system is an issue. Several other reviewers have mentioned this, and Sandy Munro recently got very frustrated trying to deal with it.

However, Rory says that's not a concern for him since everything else about the ID.4 is so impressive. He notes that you can just plug your phone in and use Apple CarPlay without issue. The ID.4 comes standard with Android Auto, too, as well as wireless device charging and a built-in Wi-Fi hot spot.

There's a whole lot more information in the review. Check it out and then let us know what you think of the all-new VW ID.4.

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