Nearly a century of automotive history is moving into the 21st century. Feast your eyes on the Pininfarina Battista, the latest Italian hypercar to hit the road. With nearly 1,900 horsepower and nearly 1,700 lb-ft of torque, it will be the most powerful road-legal car ever designed and made in Italy. And yes…it’s 100% electric! Stay tuned to find out more. 
History & Inspiration 

Thanks to an investment of nearly half a billion Euros by parent company Mahindra, Pininfarina announced their intention to build an all-electric hypercar back in 2018. The car is named after the Italian car designer Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, famous for his work with Ferrari from the 1950s. But we’re in the 21st Century now, and this car is bang up to date. They have been hiring personnel from the likes of Mercedes-AMG, Porsche and Bugatti to help make the Battista the best it can be. So let’s delve into the detail… 

But that’s enough about how the car looks, what’s it like to drive? Well, to date, the best person to ask would no doubt be Mahindra’s Formula E driver Nick Heidfeld who helped in the development of the car. Pininfarina took his input to help refine the driving experience and make its awesome power more manageable for mere mortals like you and I to drive at lower speeds. Thanks to its sophisticated torque vectoring, the car should be kept in check should you get a little frisky with your right foot! There will be 5 different driving modes to help choose the style of driving that suits you best.  

But now I can hear you screaming…how fast is it, Martyn? Well, let’s talk numbers. And these numbers are big! This is billed as the most powerful road-legal car ever designed and built-in Italy.  

It has four electric motors. Two motors at the front both put out 335 hp each. Come on…that’s like having a Tesla Model 3 Long Range on each front wheel! And on top of that, both rear motors put out 604hp each. That gives a total of nearly 1,900hp. It’s insane! You will have 1,696lb-ft of torque at your disposal.  

The Rimac powertrain will get you from 0-62mph in under 2 seconds and continue on to 186mph in under 12 seconds. The top speed isn’t too shabby either at 217mph.  

It takes a whole lot of braking to stop a car like this. So the Pirelli performance tires will be slowed by Brembo carbon-ceramic 6-piston brakes. Of course, being an electric car, we will have plenty of that coveted regenerative braking to slow us down and recuperate some energy. 
Battery & Range 

So let’s talk about the details us EV lovers are really into. What size battery does it have? The pack is slated to be a whopping 120kWh Li-ion pack that slots in between and behind the passenger and driver. This gigantic pack is said to give a range of around 280miles (448km). That’s not groundbreaking range, and it’s a far cry from the likes of the Tesla Model S. But, hey, they’re totally different cars!  

The T-shaped battery pack is made by Rimac. It is a bulkier pack as opposed to the more skateboard platforms that we’re seeing from many manufacturers lately. It allows them to keep the center of gravity between the wheels for performance and keep the roof low for that sporty feel we all love in our hypercars. 
Price & Delivery 

This really is a case of “if you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it”! Well, with a production run of 150 and a price tag on each car around €2million, it will forever stay on the wish list for most of us. The Battista is sure to be bought by only the rich and famous, and we may only ever be lucky enough to see one swanning around Monte Carlo or the sandy streets of Abu Dhabi.   

Those lucky few are having their delivery dates stalled by the global pandemic, but will still hope to get the keys in 2021. 

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