Even though objectively, based on facts and figures, most will agree the Tesla Model 3 is dollar for dollar the best EV on the market, we’re sure some people would still have a Polestar 2 (especially those who want a more traditional-feeling car). It’s not quite up there with the Tesla in the headline grabbing areas, such as range or nought to sixty time, but it seems many reviewers actually prefer it to the Tesla.

Why do they like it so much? Well, because it’s more like a traditional car - owning one requires a smaller learning curve, whereas if you buy a Tesla, there are many quirks that you would have to adapt to, had you never actually experienced one before. Polestar is definitely on to something here with the 2, because it’s racking up positive review after positive review, the most recent of which comes courtesy of the lord of quirks and features himself, Doug DeMuro.

Doug calls the Polestar 2 a ‘Tesla-rivaling electric luxury sport sedan’ and that is in line with what others have said about it, although it is worth noting that it’s actually taller than your typical sedan, although not quite as jacked up as an actual crossover. Polestar’s tactic here was clear - to attract both those who wanted an actual sedan, as well as those shopping around for a high-riding crossover.

What impressed Doug the most from his time with the Polestar? He was really won over by just how nicely everything works and how simple the vehicle is to operate. The look and feel is great, the interior is smartly designed and it all just works really well; even the infotainment is comparable to Tesla’s (or it’s even superior according to some reviewers).

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