Right now, there are several companies developing a travel camper specifically for EVs. This includes travel trailer giant Airstream and one of the nation’s largest RV dealers: Camping World. A European company by the name of Dethleffs has a prototype (pictured below), and Polydrops already has one on the market. 

I suspect that when camping trailers for EVs start hitting the market they will come in a variety of sizes, aerodynamic shapes, and with various features and specs. Mostly because these large companies haven’t made a camper like this before, it will be a first. The majority of traditional camper trailers aren’t very high tech. It’s hard to imagine that any of these companies are experienced with battery packs, solar panels, and electric motors. They will likely consult with companies who know more about EV technology. 

Electric Camper Pulls Its Own Weight, Acts As Powerwall
Electric Camper Pulls Its Own Weight, Acts As Powerwall.

Not only that, they don’t really know what EV owners want out of campers yet. Some of these companies could be conducting focus group studies or reading articles like this one, and the comments. 

Created image of camper for EVs (fake product), Tesla towing
An InsideEVs reader created this ad of a camper made for EVs.

An InsideEVs reader by the name of Ed posted the above photo he created (It’s not a real company). When I contacted him he said, “I wanted to get the camper companies thinking about the concept. I think it has started to work.”

Bravo, Ed! Photos like this probably get the gears turning in the heads of R&D folks at the companies developing them. He even listed the features he’d like to have in his camper. Ed was the only one to post a photo he created, but many others listed features they’d like to see. 

Martin, another InsideEVs commenter listed these features he’d like to have: 

>10 kWh capacity
Smart towing: trailer is aware of forces at tow hitch and reacts accordingly, is aware of up-/downhill predictions
Replaces trailer control (security feature)
Replaces "mover" (slow autonomous remote-controlled movement for trailer positioning)
Autonomous 230V system inside trailer
Trailer can be connected to grid and buffer solar energy when parked at home

Eco Logical, another commenter, had this to say: 

I'm looking for a zero emission electric camping trailer, no gas/propane at all, electric cooking & heating. The 4680 high voltage cell-to-chassis technology would facilitate a weight saving trailer structure. A Tesla or CCS charging outlet would facilitate fast DC transfer from the trailer to the vehicle (bidirectional is better). Trailer kWh capacity should match towing vehicle capacity i.e. 100 kWh if towing with a Tesla Model X.

Thunderbuck wants to see this in an upcoming camper made for EVs: 

My dream: a trailer with its own small battery pack that can integrate with an EV's battery. Trailer would have driven wheels that would regen in concert with the tow car's regen, and could be driven under high-demand conditions (mountain highway grades, for instance).

Bill Johnson had this to say: 

I've got a Cyber on order and am planning to get an RV trailer for an extended road trip. The closer I can be to grid free (no carbon footprint?) the better. Induction stove and electric/compost toilet, HVAC etc. looks like retrofitting work to me. I'm pretty sure I can handle it all but it would be nice to see commercial offerings already filling this void.

Like with most things, everyone has their own opinion on the best route to go. Now, I know this is just a few opinions and isn't everything that EV owners want with a camper. But, it gives us and travel trailer companies a better idea of what EV owners want. 

EV owners, do you agree with the above InsideEVs readers? If there are other features you're looking for please let us know in the comments below. 


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