The Tesla Model Y, as well as the refreshed Model 3, has double glass. We heard about this some time ago, but didn't have many details. Later, it was verified that Tesla started delivering Model Y crossovers with the double glass on the front door windows. We also learned that the refreshed Model 3 has the same setup.

The question now is, what's the point? Is it safer, quieter, both? Is there some other reason for the new glass? While there are still some unanswered questions, we have two new videos that test the refreshed Model 3's cabin noise to determine how much quieter the car is inside.

Some people have complained about Tesla's vehicles being noisy inside, though others don't seem to think the cars are any louder inside than the average car. This is likely due to the fact that electric cars' virtual silence makes outside sounds seem more obvious.

YouTube channel RSymons RSEV uses a decibel meter to measure the cabin sound inside a pre-refresh Model 3. The publication performs exactly the same test in a new 2021 Model 3 at the same time on the same roads with the same tires. Interestingly, the results are almost identical between the two cars.

It's important to note, there are more scientific ways to perform this test. However, if a decibel meter doesn't suggest a difference in noise, and a driver can't hear the difference, it's arguably unnecessary to provide a ridiculously scientific analysis. 

Seasoned Tesla owner Bjørn Nyland has performed his fair share of cabin noise tests in the past. His similar test actually finds that the new Model 3 with the double glass is louder inside. However, he says he'll want to do some follow-up testing since this is a strange result. Perhaps it has something to do with misalignments and/or panel gaps creating extra wind noise?

Do you have a Model Y or refreshed Model 3? Have you noticed a difference in cabin noise? Check out the videos to learn more about the results. Once you've finished, leave us your takeaways in the comment section below.

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