Supercar Blondie, the well-known YouTube reviewer of high-end automobiles, got her hands on a Porsche Taycan Turbo for the first time, and, as she always does, offered her thoughts on the plug-in Porsche with a video review.

Checking out her channel you'll see she's had the opportunity to review some of the rarest and most expensive supercars in the world, so the Taycan is actually one of the least expensive and exotic vehicles that she reviews. She hasn't reviewed too many electric vehicles but I am totally jealous of one that she did get to review, the Volkswagen ID. Buggy Concept.

Supercar Blondie Taycan
Supercar Blondie Punches the Taycan Turbo's throttle.

She actually got to drive it around California, and she's definitely on a very short list of people who's had that honor. Interestingly enough, that ID Buggy Concept video is one of the least-watched on her channel.

I love Tesla's technology but I'm not impressed with the design at all; it's just ugly. - Supercar Blondie

Of course, like just about everyone reviewing the Taycan Turbo, she compares it to the Tesla Model S. She gives Tesla credit for having great technology, but pans the Model S for its appearance, calling it "just plain ugly". 

Overall, she seems to love the Taycan Turbo but thinks Porsche should have taken more liberty with the design. She explains her disappointment is because Porsche could have created something even more spectacular, but instead went the conservative route, and created a car that looks very much like the ICE Porsches. Like many others have said, she wishes Porsche would have stuck to the original Mission-E design, which was stunning. 

So check out the video and let us know what you think. Does Supercar Blondie give a good overall review? As always, let us know in the comment section below. 


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