Tesla Model 3 owner Robert Rosenfeld complied a list of the 50 "best" questions about the Tesla for new owners or potential buyers. We can use his list to help EV shoppers, and also add our own questions and answers to make it even more comprehensive.

If you're one of the many folks thinking about taking the plunge and going electric, there's a fair chance the Tesla Model 3 is on your shortlist. If not, there's a solid possibility this car shifted your attention to electric cars. This is because the Model 3 is the most popular and best-selling EV of all time. Even if you're not a Tesla fan, it's probably safe to say you've seen the car in the news, and even on the road at this point.

When it comes time to buy any new car, it's important to do your homework and ask plenty of questions. A car is a big investment. With new technology in vehicles, there's a lot to learn, especially if you haven't bought a new car in some time. This is even more true if you're going to make the switch from a traditional gas-powered car to an electric vehicle.

Researching cars is time-consuming. Oftentimes, you have to consult a wide variety of different sources to get all your questions answered. When it comes to Tesla's vehicles, it's even more difficult. Tesla doesn't advertise and doesn't provide nearly as much information about its vehicles as legacy automakers. In addition, you'll find a very wide gap in people's opinions of Tesla vehicles and EVs in general. This is true of any new technology, so you have to be careful what you read.

At any rate, Rosenfeld dives in with his answers to the "best" questions. We've listed them below. Please use the comment section to add any questions and answers you feel are missing.

  • 0:37 What is the Tesla Model 3?
  • 0:57 How much do these cars cost?
  • 1:21 How far can they go on a 100% charge?
  • 1:39 What color options do the Model 3 come in?
  • 2:10 Can I go to a Tesla store and buy one?
  • 2:51 Can I buy a used Model 3?
  • 3:50 What is the most expensive Model 3 you can buy?
  • 4:14 Do I get anything for referring new customers?
  • 4:50 What is the Model 3 key?
  • 6:09 What does the Tesla app do?
  • 6:49 How do you open the doors?
  • 7:15 How to open doors from the inside?
  • 7:35 What do the Aero covers do?
  • 7:55 What can I replace the Aero covers with?
  • 8:20 What are these lenses around the car?
  • 9:24 What do the cameras do?
  • 9:55 How do I turn on AutoPilot?
  • 10:33 How to turn off AutoPilot?
  • 10:45 Can my car drive me anywhere?
  • 11:29 Is FSD worth the price?
  • 12:01 Where’s the speedometer?
  • 12:31 What else can I do with the touchscreen?
  • 13:06 Does the Model 3 support Carplay?
  • 13:14 Does the Model 3 support Android Auto?
  • 13:27 Does it have a web browser?
  • 13:43 Can I stream music?
  • 14:06 How does the Audio System sound?
  • 14:59 What else am I missing with the partial-premium interior?
  • 15:23 What’s the frunk?
  • 15:46 How big is the trunk?
  • 16:06 How do I charge the car?
  • 18:36 Where are Superchargers located?
  • 18:49 How do I start charging?
  • 19:10 How do I stop charging?
  • 19:29 How much does Supercharging cost?
  • 19:44 Anything else I should know about Supercharing?
  • 20:39 How do I start the car?
  • 20:50 How to get the car in drive?
  • 21:00 How do I reboot the car?
  • 21:27 Can I drive the car while re-booting?
  • 22:06 What does a software update do?
  • 22:43 How do I install a software update?
  • 23:07 How do I open the glovebox?
  • 23:16 Can I talk to the car?
  • 23:45 How can I read the manual?
  • 23:53 How do I connect to Wifi?
  • 24:03 Are there physical controls for the wipers?
  • 24:20 Can I listen to SiriusXM?
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