Tesla's first attempt at a nearly-autonomous production line was for the Model 3, and it didn't end very well. Shortly after production began, Tesla had to pull back the amount of automation they had planned, and place workers on the Model 3 line to complete the tasks they had initially intended the robots to do. 

This was during Elon Musk's self-proclaimed "Production Hell" period, and the de-automatization surely added to the problems they were having. So, the question asked by YouTube channel Tailosive EV, is whether or not Tesla will try for round two of autonomous manufacturing, except this time with the Cybertruck.

Tesla Factory: Engineers, Robots, The Machine That Builds The Machine
Tesla Factory: Engineers, Robots, The Machine That Builds The Machine

Perhaps the lessons learned from the robotic assembly of the Model 3 has given Tesla the confidence that they can fully-automate Cybertruck production. The Cybertruck is also a simpler design and construction, so that should help simplify assembly. Tesla could have also specifically designed the Cybertruck so that it would be more easily assembled by robots. 

In the video, Tailosive EV speculates on a number of different possibilities. It's all pure speculation, but it's not all that far-fetched. An automated assembly line would lower the cost to produce the Cybertruck, and seeing that Tesla's starting price is only $39,900 for the rear-wheel-drive version, perhaps the lower assembly labor costs were already baked in? 

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