Tesla Model X: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (well, they don't actually say it's ugly)

For starters, Cars.com has spent quite a good deal of time with the Tesla Model X fairly recently, and it's impressed overall. In fact, Cars calls it "an exceptional vehicle loaded with features that leave you asking why other makers haven't copied them." That's a pretty positive statement to say the least.

Cars even goes so far as to say that while the Model X has some "gimmickry" and quirks, it's nothing short of a solid family vehicle. Managing Editor Joe Bruzek explains that the gimmicks and quirks are sometimes frowned upon, but they work to make the Tesla crossover unique when it comes to not only electric vehicles, but also luxury SUVs in general.

Without a bunch of unneeded discussion, we're just going to cut to the chase here. Some of Cars' pros and cons may seem pretty obvious, as they've been pointed out time and time again. Still, you may find others enlightening and helpful. Here goes:

Cars.com's Likes

1. Spaceship Facade and Acceleration

Bruzek elaborates, "If a rush of acceleration tingles your senses, the Model X is for you."

2. Over-the-Air Updates

It's like getting a new car on a regular basis.

3. Brakes Feel Normal, or Better

The Model X crossover's regenerative braking feels natural. In fact, the brake pedal feel is better than some gas-powered vehicles.

4. Smart Air Suspension

The adjustable ride height is much like that of other luxury vehicles, but being able to program it to automatically adjust in specific locations is a nice touch.

5. Autopilot Makes Commuting More Tolerable

Bruzek says Tesla Autopilot is a "must-use" for busy commutes. Cars says it's one of the best semi-autonomous systems on the market.

6. Long Range

This pro speaks for itself. Check out our Compare EVs page.

7. Spacious, Nice Interior

This one is a big deal. It's no surprise that the Model X cabin is expansive. However, Cars says it's "by no means cheap; the materials are supple and the fit and finish is precise." Tesla has received much negative press about its interior materials and fit and finish, so, coming from Cars, this says a lot.

8. A Big-Screen Experience

The Model X SUV's 17-inch touch screen is quite popular. Bruzek says that most automakers struggle when replacing dials and knobs with touch-screen controls. However, Tesla has it figured out.

Cars.com's Dislikes

1. It's Not Very Agile

The Model X is heavy and can't carve corners, but neither can most 3-row SUVs.

2. Rough Ride Quality

It doesn't provide the cushioned ride of many rivals. However, Cars' test vehicle had 22-inch skinny tires, which surely played a role.

3. Unconventional Blind Spot Warning

Rather than having lights on the side mirrors, the Model X shows a blind spot warning on the screen, which is less obvious.

4. Third Row Needs Improvement

Not only is the third row tight in the Model X, the second row bench doesn't slide forward enough. Opting for the second-row captain's chairs is probably a wise choice if you're going to get a 3-row Model X.

5. Screen Freeze

On one occasion, the instrument panel and screen frozen on Cars' test Model X. It was quick to reset with the steering wheel controls. While a screen freeze in any car is sure to get your attention and irritate you, it's widely common despite make or model.

6. Strange, Slow Doors

Ah yes, the infamous Falcon Wing Doors. They're certainly cool to look at, but they "feel flimsy." Nonetheless, the sensors work well to keep them from banging into stuff. Additionally, Cars says the auto-opening front doors don't open fast enough.

7. Out-of-date Smartphone Integration

What? No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto! Plus, no Siri and no voice-to-text feature whatsoever.

Bruzek admits, "All in all, it's basic Bluetooth that feels like phone integration from five years ago."

8. Sun Visors Are Subpar

With such a large, panoramic windshield, the sun visors just don't cut it.

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Source: Cars.com

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