Our own Kyle Conner headed out to Dallas, Texas to check out the Kandi K27 mini electric car from China. Yes, the first Chinese EV to hit our shores. And, speaking of firsts, Conner is the first automotive journalist in the U.S. to review the Kandi, and perhaps one of the first in the world.

Why is Kyle so excited about the Kandi? Keep in mind here, even though Conner loves his Tesla Model 3 and spends a good deal of time on the track, he's a car lover through and through. Kyle's especially interested in unique vehicles, and one of his all-time favorites is the Smart ForTwo ED. In fact, he has owned one for years, and it's still ticking after much abuse.

When Kyle learned that the Kandi EV was making its way to the States, he was thrilled. It would never be approved for U.S. roads though, right? Wrong. The Kandi K27 has arrived, and some people can pick one up for $7,999 after rebates. In rare cases, a few folks might be able to grab one for $5,999.

With a price like that, we assume the Kandi is cheaply made, low-quality inside and out, and a bear to drive. The only way to find out is to see it up close and put it through the paces. Of course, Kyle did exactly that. Not only did he drive it around, but he also raced it against a Tesla Model 3.

Kyle says it was interesting to review this car since he couldn't review it like he reviews most cars. His first question was whether it's even deserving of being called a real car. And, it's hard to be overly picky about little details when the car is so inexpensive.

Overall, Kyle is impressed with the Kandi K27. It's easy on the eyes, fun to drive, and roomier than you might think. Surprisingly, it has parking sensors and a backup camera, which are still options on some luxury cars. The cabin technology is also better than you might expect, but it's hard to see the display screen due to glare. Conner could certainly be more nit-picky here, but that just doesn't make sense.

Check out the video for all the details about the Kandi K27. More importantly, to see what it's like to drive the car among normal traffic on public roads. Once you've watched, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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