The Hooniverse drives the Hyundai Kona Electric and is impressed with the car. He says it's a good choice for people thinking of switching to an electric car. It's a solid daily driver with plenty of range (258 miles), compelling performance, a nice interior, comfortable seats, useful space, a user-friendly touch-screen infotainment system, and a handful of standard advanced driver assistance systems.

Oftentimes, hardcore EV fans will tell you that a good electric car needs to be on its own independent platform. This is arguably true in many cases and for various reasons. However, there are certainly exceptions. Having the option for an all-electric powertrain on a vehicle that's originally gas-powered helps people see the clear advantages of electrification.

The Hyundai Kona Electric is a perfect example of the above. The gas-powered Kona is an excellent crossover, so it works to grab people's attention. Now that Hyundai offers it as a compelling EV, shoppers who are interested can compare the two options.

If you can find a Kona Electric – they're not widely available – and compare it with the traditional Kona, you're likely to be very impressed by the EV. The price may be a deterrent, however, since the gas Kona starts at $20,300 and the electric Kona starts at $37,190. Throw in the $7,500 U.S. federal tax credit and there's still a $10,000 difference. If you can take advantage of a state or local rebate, the EV's price will come down a bit more.

To make a more accurate price comparison, you have to look at the gas-powered Kona in higher trim levels, since the Kona EV comes better equipped in its base form. In addition, the electric version performs better all while saving you money on fuel and maintenance.

At any rate, check out the video above for all the details. Once you're done, provide a comment below.

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