Could both the Tesla Model X and Land Rover Range Rover be on your list of dream cars? Of course. However, as EV Opinion states, this would be a lottery-winning dilemma for many. Neither car is cheap and neither is a mainstream option.

In terms of pricing, the Range Rover starts at $89,500 and can cost you well over $200,000 if you check all the boxes. The Model X carries a starting price of $84,315, though the Performance model is $20,000 more.

While many people might immediately put these two SUVs in completely different categories, they have a lot in common, aside from price. Both vehicles send power to all four wheels, come standard with two spacious rows of cushy seats, and have plenty of tech features.

The Model X is actually a bit bigger overall, though the Range Rover has more second-row legroom. The Tesla offers significantly greater cargo volume, as well as an available third row. When it comes to tech, the Range Rover is teeming with standard niceties and optional equipment. The Model X falls short here in quantity, though the unique features it does have set it apart from virtually all other vehicles on the road.

Which one drives better? How does overall quality compare? Could you live with just one or the other? Check out the video comparison and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via EV Opinion on YouTube:

Range Rover v Tesla Model X | Driving, Towing, Quality | Which is Best?

Which is the king of the 4X4’s? Decades of development and a no compromise build quality or advanced technology that just keeps evolving?

I have been given the opportunity to drive two cars that fall into my dream category. I look inside and out and importantly check to see which is best to tow with.

A look at a lottery winning dilemma. Which one would you choose?

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