With some newly available (or soon to be) electric cars coming onto the scene, is an aging Tesla Model S still able to compete?

With the likes of the much newer Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC, as well as the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV, does a 2016 Tesla Model S P90D remain at least competitive? You bet it does.

Not only is an older S competitive with these newly launched vehicles. Rather, it still remains atop the growing heap of electric cars. Yes, a new Model S handily beats the older ones, but even an old S outperforms all of the vehicles listed above in more ways than one. In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made this mention too in reference to new EVs from other makes still not even matching the first Model S.

Check out this video review of a now-aging, older Tesla Model S. How does this 2016 Model S P90D stack up today against newer electric cars, including the newest Teslas?

Video description via TheStraightPipes on YouTube:

We go for a drive in the 2016 Tesla Model S P90D

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