Cadillac will unveil a sporty electric vehicle wearing the V-Series badge this year, according to GM Authority, quoting official information announced during a media briefing last week. 

As per Cadillac, the hot EV will debut sometime in 2024, but that’s where the stream of official details ends. The American automaker didn’t say which model will get the sporty treatment or what goodies are in store for the battery-powered model that will wear the V badge.

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Cadillac is working on a performance EV

Cadillac, which currently makes the Lyriq all-electric crossover, has confirmed for GM Authority that a sporty battery-powered model wearing the V-Series badge will debut this year.

That said, there are currently only two possibilities: the Lyriq, which is Caddy’s first-ever mass-produced EV that’s also being delivered to customers, and the Escalade IQ, which is scheduled to go into production this summer. The Vistiq is a 2026 model year, the Celestiq is a low-volume product. As for the Optiq, which is smaller than the Lyriq, we still don't know when it will hit the assembly lines.

If we were to slim down the list, we’d go for the obvious choice, the Lyriq. Currently, the top-of-the-line electric crossover comes with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup that’s good for 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, so we expect the V-Series version to come with even more power and torque, as is the case with the combustion-powered V-Series models like the CT4, CT5, and Escalade.

An exterior design package is also to be expected on the Lyriq-V, as well as some sporty details inside. Think of it like Tesla’s Plaid offerings, but made by General Motors.

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Talk of a V-Series EV goes all the way back to 2019 when the American luxury brand self-proclaimed itself as the leader in GM’s EV development efforts. Then, in 2021, a Cadillac exec said a Lyriq V-Series was under evaluation, after which spy shots started appearing online, showing what seemed to be a hotter variant of the electric crossover.

Putting two and two together points to the Lyriq, as you can see, but until Cadillac confirms it, we’re still in rumor territory, so take that with a grain of salt. John Roth, who's Vice President of Global Cadillac, left the door open regarding the hot EV during our interview with him last week, saying: "I like my job too much to reveal anything today," he said, referring to the transition of the V-Series badge to an all-electric future. "We're really pleased overall with the performance of the Vs and the Blackwings, and quite frankly the whole CT family. [But] I wouldn't want to speculate."

But is a high-performance all-electric Cadillac necessary for the American EV market? We’ll let you decide in the comments section below.

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