Tesla revealed today that V4 Superchargers were opened in Sparks, Nevada, which was one of at least several V4 sites under construction in the U.S. (including in Alabama, Oregon, and South Carolina).

Tesla's tweet says "First V4 Superchargers open in Sparks, NV", indicating that it might actually be the first publicly open V4 Supercharging site in the country (installations in Europe began in March and already include multiple countries).

As we understand, the V4 dispensers are currently available for Tesla electric vehicles and those are the only ones seen in the photo.

However, one of the main points of the new V4 dispensers is to conveniently handle non-Tesla EVs as well. This is why the stalls are equipped with an integrated CCS1-adapter (aka Magic Dock), a credit card reader, a small display, and a longer cable (to reach charging inlets located in various places).

The site in Nevada is not yet visible among Superchargers available to non-Tesla EVs, which suggests that the opening is still ahead of us. In Europe, the first V4 site in the Netherlands also was opened for non-Tesla EVs after some time. Once it happens, we will be able to see the customer's feedback and determine whether everything works fine.


In terms of charging power output, there are no reports of anything higher than 250 kilowatts (same output as V3 Superchargers) but the power output might go up in the future.

Tesla V4 Superchargers are expected to be combined with new power electronics to not only increase power but also voltage, which is essential to support high-voltage battery systems.

By the way, here is a Tesla Cybertruck visiting the new V4 stalls:

Another interesting bit of news related to the Tesla Supercharging network in the U.S. is that the number of stations recently exceeded 2,000, according to the data collected by supercharge.info. The number of individual stalls is over 22,280 so there are about 11 stalls per station on average.

An interesting thing is that Tesla has more Supercharging stations in the Asia-Pacific region (over 2,350) than in North America (over 2,230). Europe is far behind at over 1,080 stations.

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