Do you want to live the RV life in the greenest way possible, but need some style as well? Meet the Pebble Flow, the newest all-electric travel trailer. And this one is developed by a team of people who used to work for Apple, Tesla, Cruise, Zoox, and Volvo. No wonder it looks so cool. 

With its first product, the California-based startup says it aims to bring "an iPhone-like experience to RVing." That's because the Flow, described by Pebble as "the most technically advanced travel trailer on the market," uses innovative tech to make RVing easier, more accessible, and more sustainable.

For starters, the Pebble Flow is self-propelled, with an optional dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System said to provide just the right amount of power required to assist the tow vehicle.

Pebble says this should help remove the range anxiety typically associated with EV towing. The fact that each wheel is powered by an electric motor has other advantages too. For example, the dual-motor system enables the so-called Magic Hitch feature where the Pebble Flow positions itself and automatically hitches onto the towing vehicle. 

Charge Up, Tune Out

Power for the electric motors comes from a standard 45-kilowatt-hour battery pack with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry located centrally within the floor of the trailer. Pebble says the battery has enough capacity to power the motors and all of the trailer's appliances.

The battery can be charged in a variety of ways, using AC and DC chargers at public charging stations, at home, or at camp, using solar charging – it's got solar panels on the roof – as well as during towing via the regenerative charging function.

Gallery: Pebble Flow All-Electric Travel Trailer

The coolest thing about charging the Pebble Flow is probably the 1 kW Integrated Solar solution that allows for self-charging on the go or when parked, which means the trailer is always topping off its power supply. As Pebble puts it, it's like being perpetually plugged into a 110V outlet.

Regardless of how the battery is charged, Pebble says a full charge enables up to a week of off-grid power. And even when you're not camping with the Flow, it will not take up space on your driveway for nothing – it can be used as an emergency backup source for your house.

Getting back to the iPhone-like experience mentioned earlier, the Pebble Flow automates the hardest parts of RVing, according to its maker. Many of the travel trailer's functions can be controlled via the Pebble app, and using it is said to be as intuitive as operating an iPhone for the first time.

"So many people will never embark on an RV trip simply because they are intimidated by how to do it. The combination of advanced modern EV features and the Pebble app makes RVing easier than ever, whether you're a seasoned RVer or just starting out," said Stefan Solyom, Pebble's CTO. 

For example, there's a function called Remote Control, which enables the Pebble Flow to be fully remote-controlled for easy parking and maneuvering, or pivoting and positioning itself into tight spots. InstaCamp is another function that deploys or retracts an awning, stairs, lights, and auto-leveling stabilizers in seconds to set up camp or get back on the road.

There's also Room Flip, which retracts the Queen size Murphy bed into a desk to transition the space from relaxation to work mode in seconds. Yes, you can work from the Pebble Flow as it's plug-and-play ready for Starlink to keep you connected everywhere. The Pebble app is also used to control lights, lock and unlock the door, set the preferred temperature, and more.

Modular Interior, Modern Looks

The Pebble Flow has a sleeping capacity to fit up to four people and is fitted with a shower, toilet, removable induction cooktop, a four-in-one convection microwave, full-size fridge, a 37-gallon freshwater tank, and 50-gallon gray & black tank. A neat detail is the flip-up service window that gives flexibility to cook inside or al fresco.

Seen from the outside, the Pebble Flow looks modern and aerodynamic, with the wraparound windows providing a 270-degree view of the surroundings. The company claims the Flow is three times as aerodynamic as a conventional travel trailer thanks in part to active aero elements at the front.

Pebble Flow all-electric travel trailer interior shots
Pebble Flow all-electric travel trailer interior shots

It's also quite big, measuring 25 feet in length, 7 feet 6 inches in width, and 8 feet 8 inches in height. It has a gross vehicle weight rating of 6,200 pounds, so the vehicle that tows it must be able to handle at least that.

As you can imagine, the Pebble Flow does not come cheap. It starts at $109,000 without the motors but with the 45-kWh battery, Insta Camp, the Pebble App, and more. There's also a $125,000 model that includes the dual-motor powertrain enabling features like Remote Control, Magic Hitch, and Easy Tow.

Pre-orders can be placed online now, with deliveries expected by the end of 2024. The travel trailer will make its public debut at the LA Auto Show in November. 

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