Rivian has officially opened its online inventory shop where prospective customers can order a ready-made R1T and take delivery of it in as little as one week, the company said in an email sent to customers.

“Now, there are two ways to get behind the wheel of the award-winning R1T. You can make a reservation and put together your own custom configuration. Or you can shop available R1T inventory that delivers in just 1–6 weeks,” said the California-based electric car manufacturer.

The announcement comes after some customers received invitations to access the online inventory shop and place an order for an R1T that can be delivered much faster than a custom build.

Currently, Rivian’s website states that most pickups in the inventory can be delivered in between one and six weeks, while a custom order typically takes four months or less to get to its new home.

Furthermore, the cars that are already built carry the same prices as personalized builds, so people who want to get behind the wheel of a new R1T sooner rather than later can go to the company’s site, put in their zip code and see what ready-made EVs are available for them.

Previously, Rivian added several R1Ts with the dual-motor and Large Pack battery combo to its inventory, with over 100 different vehicles ready for delivery from the American company’s service center in Franklin, Tennessee.

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Now, a quick browse on the available configurations page for the New York zip code shows over 35 electric pickups in stock, including dual-motor, Performance dual-motor, and quad-motor models. However, the Max Pack battery doesn’t show up yet on the preconfigured cars.

With the Large Pack battery, a dual-motor R1T with 21-inch road wheels can travel up to 352 miles on a full charge. However, the EPA-estimated range goes down to 341 miles when riding on 22-inch road wheels, while the optional 20-inch all-terrain wheels lower the figure to 307 miles.

The Max Battery pack, which can be specced together with either the dual-motor or Performance dual-motor setup, enables a maximum driving range of 410 miles when the truck is equipped with 21-inch road wheels.

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