EV Connect, an American provider of electric vehicle charging management solutions, has partnered with Marriott International, which is one of the largest lodging companies in the world, to deploy EV chargers at up to 6,000 qualifying locations throughout the United States and Canada.

With this being said, it doesn’t mean that 6,000 Marriott hotels in North America will actually get an EV Connect-installed charger, but rather that the aforementioned locations will have access to the provider’s set of products and services so that they can easily deploy, manage, and serve guests who drive EVs.

The news comes after Hilton announced that it will install up to 20,000 Tesla Universal Wall connectors at 2,000 hotels in the US, Canada, and Mexico, creating the hospitality industry’s largest EV charging network.

Speaking about the new partnership, EV Connect’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Ram Ambatipudi, said that it marks a major advancement of the EV market’s expansion and that it has significant implications for the hospitality sector as a whole.

At the same time, Andrew Bodziak, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Marriott International said that the brand’s guests are increasingly expecting EV charging stations at its properties. "With EV Connect, we can offer properties an end-to-end turnkey service, simplifying the planning, installation, and maintenance processes while simultaneously delivering the high-quality service our guests expect,” he added.

EV Connect was established in 2010 and acquired by French energy giant Schneider in 2022. It serves customers in 41 US states and has names like General Motors, Verizon, Marriott, Hilton, and Western Digital in its portfolio.

Marriott International is the largest hospitality company in the world, with nearly 8,600 properties operating under 31 brands in 139 countries and territories worldwide. The upcoming chargers will be visible on the EV Connect app, allowing hotel customers to locate and pay for EV charging.

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