Ride1Up, headquartered in California, is widely recognized as a trailblazing e-bike label within the US. The brand offers a wide range of electric bicycles tailored to various riding styles such as daily commuting, long-distance touring, cargo, and even high-performance moped-style e-bikes. Among its standout products, the 700 Series is a popular choice, and it has recently been given a substantial refresh.

The Ride1Up 700 Series constitutes an electric bicycle tailored for commuting purposes. The company characterizes it as being "Fully Loaded," encompassing an array of features and exceptional performance attributes. Noteworthy enhancements in the latest iteration include an improved Bafang motor housed in the rear wheel, capable of consistently delivering 750W of power. This enables the bike to achieve a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour on throttle mode, and an even faster speed of 28 miles per hour when operating in pedal assist mode.

Ride1Up Refreshes Popular 700 Series E-Bike With Tech Updates

To complement the bike’s impressive performance, enhanced range is promised by a 15-amp-hour battery, boasting a capacity of 720 watt-hours. Depending on riding style and terrain, the bike now promises a range of about 30 to 50 miles. Beyond the motor and battery upgrades, notable enhancements have been made to the controller and its software, contributing to an even more refined riding experience.

Ride1Up has fitted rather impressive components on the bike. For example, hydraulic disc brakes ensure that the bike can stop on a dime. The front suspension fork effectively mitigates the impact of uneven road surfaces and rugged terrain, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable ride. Lastly, the integration of an eight-speed drivetrain facilitates seamless pedaling in tandem with the electric motor. All pertinent ride information can easily be seen via a color display unit mounted on the handlebars.

Additional accessories include an upgraded 80 lux headlight, enhancing visibility for riders. The bike's aesthetics have been refreshed with redesigned graphics adorning its frame. The Ride1Up 700 Series now offers a selection of three colors: Cloud White, Indigo Blue, and Graphite Gray, expanding the choices available to potential riders.

The bike is offered in both step-over and step-thru designs, catering to different preferences. Both versions come equipped with full fenders and a rear rack, enhancing practicality and utility. Ride1Up has pegged the price of the new 700 Series at $1,695, presenting an affordable, stylish, and versatile choice for e-bikers on a budget.

Ride1Up Refreshes Popular 700 Series E-Bike With Tech Updates
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