New York-based e-bike specialist Priority Bicycles is known for its chic and retro-inspired models that usually command quite a premium. There’s a growing market for electric bicycles that pack modern tech, but are designed to look old. These machines cater to those looking to adopt the e-bike lifestyle while looking cool doing so. Nevertheless, adding a dash of old-school charm to bikes unsurprisingly causes the bike’s price tag to rise.

With Priority’s newest e-bike model, the e-Classic Plus, the brand caters to the entry-level market with an attractive price tag, impressive features, and of course, classic styling. According to Priority, the new bike is designed as a capable all-rounder. "From casual cruising to light commuting, the belt driven e-Classic Plus provides a subtle energy boost without the maintenance demands and heft of other ebikes," the brand said in a press release.

Priority Bicycles Unveils Stylish E-Classic Plus Electric Bike

Diving right into the details, the e-Classic Plus is a Class 1 electric bicycle, making it as legal to ride with no license as a standard bicycle. The bike keeps its tech charmingly barebones, and is equipped with a 250-watt, front-hub-mounted electric motor. At the back, pedal power is transferred to the wheel with a robust, reliable, and maintenance-free Gates Carbon Belt Drive, paired with a three-speed Shimano Nexus SG-3D55 internally geared hub. In effect, as you pedal along with the electric motor, you have yourself an all-wheel-drive e-bike, something that Priority claims provides a “balanced and nimble riding experience.”

The e-Classic Plus is capable of hitting a top speed of 20 miles per hour on pedal assist mode, and the removable 374-watt-hour battery pack offers up to 60 miles on a single charge. The battery is neatly housed in the bike’s downtube, maintaining its streamlined aesthetic and throwback silhouette. It rolls on 27.5-inch wheels shod in retro-style tan tires with puncture resistance, while it comes to a stop with modern hydraulic disc brakes with 180-millimeter rotors front and rear. The motor automatically cuts off once the rider applies the brakes.

Priority Bicycles Unveils Stylish E-Classic Plus Electric Bike

As for pricing, Priority Bicycles retails the e-Classic Plus for a rather attractive $1,699 USD. For that money, you get a charming and capable electric bike that’s perfectly at home in the city. It’s also offered in two configurations – step-over and step-through, allowing a wider selection of riders to confidently swing a leg over and get going. It tips the scales at 22 kilograms, so hauling it around the city should be no issue.

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